The JCL book project
We are looking to collect testimonials and memories from more than 80 years of the Junior Classical League. Tell us your JCL story: what memory sticks with you years after you graduated? If you're still in JCL, what memory will stay with you forever? If you weren't in JCL in high school but are involved now, what is your favorite memory from working with JCL?

In other words: what was your favorite JCL moment and why? How did JCL affect your life? Please provide as many details and as much backstory as you can. If you can't pick just one memory, feel free to submit more.

Note: testimonials can be from any level of the organization and are not limited to an experience from a state or national convention. If your best JCL moment was at a local chapter meeting or event, we want to hear about it!

We will collect responses through March 15, 2021. Email any questions to NJCL Publications Chair Kurt Ristroph at

NB: We need your help sharing this form with as many JCLers and alumni as possible. Please send the link ( to classmates, friends, teachers, colleagues, people who inspired your love of JCL, and anyone else who has a JCL story to tell.
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