Expressions of Interest for Otago Chocolate Company Board
We arExpressions of Interest for Otago Chocolate Company Boarde looking for an establishment board of three directors for Otago Chocolate Company Limited. The company is being expanded with the express purpose of keeping jobs and chocolate making skills in Dunedin, and will scale the current craft chocolate maker OCHO as a more significant medium-sized manufacturer.

This initiative was started under the umbrella name of ‘Own the Factory’ as a response to Mondelez announcing the closure of the Cadbury Factory in Dunedin. Following on from a public rally of support and international media coverage, more than $5 million was pre-pledged to keep chocolate and confectionary making in Dunedin. ‘Own the Factory’ has now focused its ideas around chocolate-making only and we have joined forces with OCHO. We are currently finalising the structure and planning for the new business before going out to a crowd-funding campaign to raise the capital required. We need an establishment board of directors to help us develop and scale this venture.

Assuming the success of the crowd-funding campaign, the first role of the board will be to appoint the new CEO and then confirm the strategic plan for the first phase of the company’s growth. The establishment board will be in place for one year, at which point the composition will be reviewed and two additional board members added (one employee and one independent).

We need three Directors who have a strong commitment to regional development and have a mix of the following skills:
* Legal
* Accounting
* Marketing / Comms / Branding
* Establishing and scaling companies

Experience in the food industry, in particular FMCG, and/or community initiatives, would be of additional benefit. You should be on board with our company values, which are to:
* Make high quality craft chocolate
* Pay fair wages to workers
* Pay fair prices for cocoa beans
* Retain industry and craft skills in Dunedin with a profitable business
* Respect the environment through sustainable business practices
* Keep worker-CEO pay ratios within an agreed multiple
* Support the wider communities of our workers, growers & customers
* Have a broad base of community ownership
* A strong commitment to regional development.

Remuneration will be $1,000 per board meeting, with up to 12 meetings per year (with feedback / support in between).

Preference will be given to Directors based in Dunedin, but for the right people we will look to bring them in from around the country.

Apply for the role here by 2 October or by emailing your CV and cover email to Feel free to send any questions or feedback through as well.

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