Title I Program/Parent & Family Engagement Parent Survey
Dear Parents and Families:
Our school participates in the Title I, Part A program under the Every Student Succeeds Act.
The purpose of a schoolwide program is to upgrade the school’s basic program serving the entire student population.

Your child has been a participant in a schoolwide program during this school year. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information on how well the school communicates with parents of children participating in the Title I program. Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire. Your feedback will be used to improve parent and family engagement activities. Suggestions on how we can better help our students at home or at school are welcome.
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My child attends *
Were you notified that your child’s school is a schoolwide program? *
Did you receive a copy of the school’s Parent and Family Engagement Policy in the student handbook? *
Are you familiar with the school’s Parent and Family Engagement Policy? *
Did you talk about the School-Family Compact with your child’s teacher? *
Have you been invited to a parent-teacher conference this year? *
Were you offered information or suggestions regarding how to help and support your child’s learning (e.g. monitoring attendance, homework completion, etc.)? *
Did you receive student progress reports in a timely manner? *
Was the information provided to you understandable? *
Overall, has the school staff been supportive and willing to help? *
Has the instructional program been a positive experience for your child? *
Which would be the best source(s) for you to receive information about your child’s school? (Check all that apply) *
What help could you use that would allow you to attend parent-teacher conferences, parent meetings, and training sessions? (Check all that apply) *
I am aware when the school council holds its meetings. *
My child felt comfortable attending this school. *
I felt comfortable and welcome at the school. *
How did the school keep you informed of your child’s progress in the Title I program? (Check all that apply.) *
Which of these strategies would you use to help your child practice reading, mathematics, or both at home? (Check all that apply.)
When would you most likely be able to attend a parent-teacher meeting at school? (The times below are approximate and would coincide with the school schedule.)
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What types of healthy initiatives or programs would you like to see implemented at the schools?
Is there anything that could be done to increase the health (physical and/or mental) of our students?
Is your child identified in either the Primary Talent Pool or Gifted Program *
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