Mission & Ministries Scholarship Form
For Westminster Presbyterian Church (Spartanburg, SC).  Please fill in the application completely to be considered for a mission scholarship. The contents of this application will be reviewed by a trip leader and two elders. As such, this information will be held in strict confidence. Completing an application does not guarantee you will receive funds. Please understand that others may be requesting scholarship money as well. Consequently, you may or may not, receive the total amount you are requesting. Questions? Email missions@wpcspartanburg.org.
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This can be an approximation if you do not know exact numbers.  Also consider costs for travel, passports, and vaccinations.
Describe your financial need and approximate request for assistance *
Please provide an amount.  Suggestion: look at what you will be able to contribute or how much you intend to raise through other avenues, then provide the remainder.
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If for "family", # of Adults & # of Children
Briefly introduce yourself and why you are feeling led to go on this mission trip? *
What do you hope to accomplish on this trip? *
This can be for you personally, for the people you serve, or for those in your family traveling with you.
How would you describe your level of engagement at Westminster Presbyterian Church *
Does your project or ministry partner align with WPC's mission?: (https://wpcspartanburg.org/wpcs/our_mission). *
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