Advancing Anti-Racism/ Racial and Health Equity (with)in Public Health
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Please submit funding ideas by FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH.
Survey Background: what, who, and why?
Dear MPHA Supporters,

This past year MPHA fully acknowledged racism as a social determinant of health and declared racism a public health crisis. Our recent programming has highlighted and reinforced this, but significant work remains to be done. Looking forward, MPHA commits itself to programming that will provide opportunities to further our goal of dismantling structural racism, antisemitism and unconscious biases.

MPHA recently was notified that we received a generous award of $100K from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota to further our anti-racism work. The purpose of this support is to build racial and health equity advocacy capacity of public health professionals through organizational policy change, public health praxis reform, and policy advocacy.

Internally, MPHA will be looking at racial and health equity priorities in organizational by-laws, structure, core functions, membership, trainings, leadership design, community engagement, and policy advocacy. This will be an opportunity for our organization's leaders and members. Externally we are looking for ways to institutionalize and strengthen racial and health equity through building of coalitions, campaigns, and policies to support our anti-racism work.
What can be funded? Timeline?
This project work needs to be focused on
• building key cross cultural alliances;
• developing change levers;
• strengthening racial and health equity practices.
It can include educational advocacy work but not direct lobbying.

Friday, June 4, 2021 - workplan ideas must be submitted (this form closes)
Weekly in June 2021 - MPHA advisory committee drafts workplan
June 30, 2021 - MPHA submit project workplan

The workplan's activities must be completed by June 1, 2022.
YOUR input is requested! If you have ideas or recommendations to consider as we develop the workplan, please list them below. PLEASE SUBMIT IDEAS BY FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH.
If you would like to be involved in the workplan planning, please write your name and email address below. Planning meetings will be held weekly during the weeks of June 7th, June 14th, June 21st (exact schedule TBD). The meetings will be held over Zoom.
Additional comments/considerations?
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