Dream Octane Cohort Coaching Intake
Thank you for your interest in this coaching experience. It would be an honor to come along side you in your endeavor towards discovering, developing and/or delivering your niche. The materials that we will be sharing have been carefully crafted to clarify your niche, codify your message and provide tools to carry your message to a wider audience online.

The goal is not to just have a "bunch" of content as many "gurus" advise.  Rather, our focus will center on becoming specific about the value you have to offer,  that is unique to you and helpful to others.

To get started please take a moment to complete the following intake information to evaluate if we are a good "fit" for each other.

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Your Coach: Clifton C. Manning
"If innovative change is an engine, your dream and ability could be its fuel." Cliff Manning
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We only work with effort driven entrepreneurs who see obstacles as opportunities and who intentionally execute action items to get them to a predetermined  destination. With that said, why should we choose to take this journey with you? *
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Once your firm is submitted, it will be reviewed and if accepted, a time will be coordinated to do a follow-up. At that time the application will be reviewed, questions will be answered and with the offer will be presented.

Thank you again for taking the time to complete this leg of the process and I look forward to finding out if interest align.

Clifton C. Manning
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