Pre Qualification Survey For Private Mentoring, One-on-One Mentoring with Matt Jones
Here’s How The Private Mentoring Program Works

It’s pretty straightforward. First you fill in the self-assessment questionnaire below. Put in as much detail as you can so I can determine if we'll be a good fit.

Once you fill out the confidential application form, I’ll review it and get back to you within 48 business hours. (Meaning: you can fill it out on a Friday, but I won’t respond until Monday.)

If everything looks promising, we’ll set up a conference call to get a sense of each other and decide how we can work together.

From there it’s pretty simple. Once we’ve decided it’s a good fit and we’re going to work together, I’ll send you a self-assessment questionnaire that will help you get crystal clear on your goals for the next year. I'll also want to hear what you think you’re best at and what you need the most work on.

I’ll take a look and think about what you told me on our call for a few days. Then we’ll have our first private, one-on-one mentoring session.

Sessions are conducted by Zoom conference calls where we can connect via phone or by computer via the web - whichever is easiest for you.

We agree all content discussed stays confidential both ways. Meaning, I keep what we talk about confidential, and so do you.

Simple enough, right?

Please fill in the form below now, and I'll get back to you shortly


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