Opt In Statement - Mini Netters
Risks of Netball & COVID-19 Briefing

In every sport and leisure activity, there are risks of COVID-19 and team sports in particular pose slightly increased risks.

COVID-19 can be transmitted in 3 ways:
Droplet transmission when in close contact with others
Fomite transmission by sharing of equipment like netballs and bibs
Airborne transmission which is a risk particularly when indoors

During ‘normal’ netball, there would be regular breaches to social distancing guidelines and therefore significant periods of increased risk during training and matches. These breaches would not be allowable in other parts of day to day life currently and is therefore the reason why modifications must be introduced.

As part of the return to community netball, we need to mitigate some of the risks to both protect the Netball Family, as well as ensure that netball is not responsible for an increased transmission of COIVD-19 more broadly.

The club is following the directive from England Netball to ensure that we are creating as safe an environment for all club members and supporters as possible. Specifically, we have:
• Appointed a designated Covid-19 Officer to lead and oversee the implementation of our plans
• Created a Covid-19 risk assessment for our planned activities
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I have been made aware of the risks associated with netball activity and COVID-19 and understand this. I also understand there are some people who are of higher risk if contracting COVID-19.I am comfortable with the information I have been provided and opt in my child to participate in netball. I also confirm I understand the requirements and steps I need to take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through netball and agree to take all these steps. *
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