Evaluating Effectiveness of Hawaii's Pelagic Small-boat Fisheries Scoping Comments
The purpose of the public scoping on Hawai‘i’s pelagic small-boat fisheries in February 2020 is to identify potential options to improve efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of management measures. The Council in its decision-making takes into account biological, ecosystem and socio-economic/cultural impacts. If data on these impacts are unavailable, the Council must rely on the best scientific information available, which could be out of date, just a snapshot in time or based on another geographic area. This public scoping aims is to identify what data are needed and the appropriate method(s) to collect them so as to improve understanding of the performance of the Hawai‘i small-boat pelagic fisheries and the status of the stocks in order to assist in effective management decision-making.

For a background on the Public Scoping, see: http://www.wpcouncil.org/hawaiismallboatfishery/

For the Scoping and Public Information Document, see: http://www.wpcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/SD-for-HI-Small-Boat-Fisheries.pdf
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