Rules for the competition:
1. Criteria by level group is determined by a range of surahs, Juz, or both.
​2. Online Registration deadline is Thursday, Nov. 21 , 2019 at 11:59 pm . There is a nominal registration fee of $15/person if paid online by Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019 or $25/person if paid on-site.
3. You can’t participate in more than one level of the competition
4. Contestants will be tested on numerous weighted criteria consisting of tajweed, recitation, and memorization.
5. The age of the participants within the group will be considered only as a tie breaker.
6. If there are less than 6 registrants for a category, then MAS has the right to omit the category.
7. If there are 6 registrants or less for any of the categories, we have the right to give only one award for this category.
8. Participants cannot be Qur’an teachers, Imams, or community leaders.
9. There will be 3 winning positions for each group. If the number of registrants for any group is less than 6, we have the right to award one winning position.
10. MAS reserve the right to dismiss, cancel and/or disqualify any contestant without liability at any time, with immediate effect; this includes, but is not limited to, any participant who tampers with the operation of the competition or competition site or violates the terms and conditions, or any other applicable laws and regulations.
11. Participants must be registered Convention attendees, and are responsible for hotel accommodation, food, transportation and all other related expenses.
12. Participants have NO right to object, reject, or decline the judges’ final ruling; Judges’ ruling will be final, but if participants have any concern they should address it to the head of the Judging Committee or the organizers.
13. Participants must agree to the terms and conditions.
Location and Time
Will take place On Between Thursday Nov 28th to Saturday Nov 30th at the Hilton double tree hotel in Ontorio( NOT THE CONVENTION CENTER). YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO CHECK IN. May Allah reward you all and your families with the highest blessings.
Level 1: Reverts
1st: $ 100
2nd: $ 75
3rd: $ 50

Level 2: Surah of the convention:
1. $75
2. $50
3. $25

Level 3 : 1 Juz ( 13 year olds)
1st: $ 100
2nd: $ 75
3rd: $ 50

Level 4: 2 juz
1st: $ 200
2nd: $150
3rd: $ 75

Level 5: 3 juz
1st: $300
2nd: $200
3rd: $ 100
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Confirm that you will be able to pay the Quran competition fee - $15? ( You will not be able to participate in the competition without paying) *
If no, are you in need of financial aid? *
Have you read and agreed to the rules set forth for this competition? ( Rules are at the beginning of this form and at the convention website) *
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