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INSTRUCTIONS :: Please read Catalyst Swarm ATH Host Guidance (linked below) to maximize your Catalyst Swarm ATH experience. 

IMPORTANT :: As you will be a Co-Hosts of Project Catalyst TH please read and uphold the Community Moderation Guidelines in your Catalyst Swarm ATH Break Out Room - 

DEADLINE TO REGISTER for Wednesday’s ATH Break Out Rooms - EACH TUESDAY 17.00 UTC

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Don't forget to Record and Upload your Break out room to below link! Take advantage of Swarm Bounty Time Stamping and Reach on Swarm Youtube!
Thank you for applying for the next After Town Hall!
To join the Town Hall Event on Zoom, register here to receive the invitation:
Please use the same Name on Zoom for your registration, so we can find you in the crowd and assign you as cohost of the Event

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