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Dates of potential employment: May 31-July 30, 2021; with MANDATORY training on April 24/May 1 (afternoon/evening).

Please note: if you will be gone for more than 8 days of coaching during these dates (practice days only), you will not be considered for employment.
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Requirements and Expectations:
• CONSISTENCY -- We do not consider applicants who will miss more than 8 total days (including any partial days) of coaching throughout the summer.
• CREATIVITY -- Our coaches must be able to teach to different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). We expect you to follow season plans while utilizing your personal talents to enrich the experience for your athletes.
• CERTIFICATIONS -- We require a minimum of CPR and First Aid training. If you are not currently certified, you will be required to attend a mandatory training class in April. Failure to do so will result in termination.
• PROFESSIONALISM -- Respect of athletes, coaches, and parents is a must. You will be given a uniform which you are to wear at all times while on duty. You will be expected to avoid distractions while coaching (including cell phones, having friends visit, and eating).

Our season begins May 31 and concludes with Summer Finale on July 31. We have practices Tuesday through Friday (except HS Training Group, which is Mon-Thurs). Meets will be on Saturdays. Keeping this in mind...
Please list any days you will miss during the season (vacations, camps, meets, etc.): *
The majority of our coaching jobs are between the hours of 8:30 AM to Noon. Are there any times (other than your own swim practice) that could conflict with your job? *
Do you have dependable transportation to/from the pool(s)? *
Please list any previous experience working with children or pre-teens (i.e. previous coaching, peer coaching, babysitting, youth leadership, mentoring, or tutoring): *
Please comment on at least one of the experiences above. How do you feel it was successful? What did you like about it? *
Is there anything in your history that we should be aware of (allegations of misconduct, DUI, alcohol or drug abuse, or violence)? *
Please list any relevant certifications (if they are expired, please so indicate): 1. CPR 2. First Aid Training 3. Safety Training for Swim Coaches 4. Lifeguard Training 5. WSI Certification 6.Professional teaching certificate(s) *
What do you feel are/will be your greatest strengths in coaching? *
What do you hope to learn from coaching this summer? *
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