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Join the MAC pastors and elders as we walk together in the light!

If you are part of MAC, you can sign up for a Accountable2You account here. Each account will cover up to 6 devices. In order for this program to be sustainable, for each account, you or someone else will need to donate $36 per year ($3 per month). These accounts are the same individual accounts that you can sign up for directly on the Accountable2You site for $7 per month ($84 per year).

If you would prefer a Family account that covers up to 20 devices and additionally provides time limit alerts on children's devices, these are available only on the Accountable2You site (not through MAC). These cost $10 per month ($120 per year).

For details on the software, please visit

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Each account that you sign up for can provide accountability on up to 6 devices. Every device can have its own accountability partners.
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Each year, please make a donation to MAC to cover the cost of your account(s) for that year. If you'd like to give extra to help cover costs for others who cannot afford even this discounted price, that would be helpful, too. Please check all that apply:
Accountability Partners *
Getting an account through MAC does not give MAC access to your reports, or provide any accountability. The software is of little value unless there is a trustworthy partner holding the user accountable. For each device you set up, you must name accountability partners who will receive reports by email and/or text message.
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