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Hello! Thank you for showing interest in participating in our "Affinity Spaces". Please note that the information you provide below will help us gathering data on our attendees that will help us provide the best experience for everyone. This information will be kept private!

Keep in mind that unlike our panels and workshops for the Summer, our Affinity Spaces can only host 30 participants per discussion in order to provide the best experience for all of our guests. Below we are asking for you to provide a 2-5 sentence long reason as to why you are interested in joining our conversations.

These Affinity Spaces will be recorded for research purposes but will NOT be made public. Notes taken during our discussions will be shared only for research purposes and only with the written permission of everyone involved.

If approved to participate you will be notified at least 1-week prior to each Affinity Space (unless you signed up within the week - but you will still be contacted soon), so please keep track of its dates & times. In that notification/email you will also receive access to our digital meeting as well as a package that will explain the purposes and guidelines for all the Affinity Spaces hosted by K.B. Theatre Company, Summer 2020. Please double check your email before submitting the form, as this will be the only way our team can reach out to you with access to our events.

To see our full list and schedule of our Affinity Spaces and for more information on Affinity Spaces, visit our website:

Please email us at at any point if you have any questions regarding these events. We will make sure to respond within a 48 hour period.

-K.B. Theatre Company
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