Wise Woman
Thank you so much for your interest in our Wise Woman Campaign to photograph 50 women age 50 and over in 2021. Please complete this short, but thoughtful questionnaire about who you are, the significant moments in your life's journey, and your goals for this chapter.

Once received, if we haven't already scheduled one, I'll give you a call to setup your consultation. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me anytime: 618.521.1986.
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We all have turning points throughout our lives. What have been the significant points of change in your life so far?  How did these significant points in your life change you?
How has your self-image changed throughout your life? Do you have a significant moment when you felt you started to love yourself?
Have your values changed over time? What do you value most now?
How do you think those closest to you would describe you?
How would you describe yourself? What is your most powerful trait?
What’s next? Do you have any ambitions or goals you’ve set for yourself since turning 50/60/70?
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