7 Billion Humans Beta Survey
NOTE: This survey is only for those who have already preordered 7 Billion Humans at http://tomorrowcorporation.com/7billionhumans

We'll be selecting players for beta seats based in part on the responses below. This survey information will only be used to help us select beta seats, and then it will be deleted.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support!

Kyle, Kyle, and Allan

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How would you rate your experience with programming? *
What's a computer?
I can recite the hacker manifesto in binary.
How far did you make it in Human Resource Machine?
Languages in which you are fluent? (And not "I kindof took this in high school", but real actual ability to write essays and speak like a pro!) *
If you do speak a non-English language, would you be interested in helping us translate 7 Billion Humans into one of the above languages? *
How would you describe your gender? *
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Are you a journalist, member of the press, prolific blogger, widely viewed youtuber, twitcher, etc? *
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