Welcome to the Cooperative Financial Education Kit Survey
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We are excited to reach out to you about the Cooperative Financial Education Kit. Our goal is to have this education kit help co­ops, collectives, developers, and other justice­ oriented groups develop financial skills steeped in anti-oppression and collective ideology. During the first half of the year, we will be developing and testing this kit, and we want you to be involved in this process.

With backgrounds in bookkeeping, education, community organizing and coop development, we have consistently found:
a) most organizations have trouble bringing an anti­-oppression and collective mindset to their finance systems and
b) most organizations do not have and/or share skills around financial literacy/systems/management within their organization, resulting in financial decision making processes that aren’t aligned with the values of the organization. We want this kit to address these issues.

Our goal for this survey is to get a feel for what folks' financial needs are, what tools are being used, and how we can develop an education kit that is both applicable and accessible. The survey responses will remain confidential.

Thanks so much for your support and for taking this survey!

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