Peak/Big Sky Flight Record and/or Maintenance Form
Fill this out after you fly the Peak to let the club know what maintenance you've done, and what still needs work. This form propagates a table for the next person to look at and complete the work you mention still needs to occur.

Suggested work: watering grass, water bar clearing and reforming, filling in erosion, raking/shoveling, rock work to stabilize water bars and front/back of ramp, weeding out non-grass species. Cle.aring weeds/brush in Wing pack up area, in Big Sky LZ

Shovel and rake are located under the Holfuy tree.
Date *
Peak Pilot(s) *
Flights completed on this date
I landed at
I worked on the . . *
Work started/completed *
How did the Peak Ramp grass look *
General condition of the launch area
General condition of the Big Sky LZ *
Work still to do/suggested for the next person *
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