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Our project aims to collect base rates for numerous relevant categories. For this we choose a category (such as "incidences when pathogens escaped a lab", or "violent revolutions that led to regime change") and make a list of all events that fall into the chosen category. 

Depending on the category, we may also include additional information like "was this a success or failure" (e.g. for the violent revolutions) or "how long did events last" (e.g. for a category such as "how long are dictators in power"). 

This form allows you to suggest resources or new categories we should include in the database. You can find the database as well as all previously suggested categories here
We can't promise we will include everything you suggest, but we will read everything and are very happy about any suggestions!

Note that responses to this document are displayed publicly here. If you do not want this, please get in touch directly. 

If you have any questions or further comments, please message us at nikosbosse [at] gmail {dot} com. 
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