Women Self Defense

Back by popular demand!

Please plan to attend our upcoming Women's Self-Defense seminar!
Sat. 1/21 @ 2:00 pm

This is a great opportunity to learn practical self-defense techniques from a former victim of violent crime, Noel Plaugher.

Women often face very specific self-defense situations and this class will address them.

Shifu Noel Plaugher will teach:

- Strategies for safety
- How to get the maximum amount of power in a given situation
- How to exploit the body's weaknesses
- Escapes from grabs and holds
- Standing and ground techniques

The class is 90 minutes, and will be full of great material and you will have a lot of fun.
This class is suitable for any girl or woman aged 12 and up.
Dress is casual. Whatever makes you comfortable is fine.

The fee is only $10.

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    Women Self Defense

    Feel free to contact us at (678) 602-2908 or shunshifu@mooresofatlanta.com if you have any questions.