Transition Retreat - Brief Survey
I feel clear on why I ran for this position.
Not really
Yes--absolutely clear
I feel nervous about my transition
Very Nervous
Not at all Nervous
I have an approach to my transition I feel confident in.
Definitely Not
Yes--Very Confident
I have a vision for my new role and what I will accomplish
Not at all
Yes--a clear plan.
I will be able to hit the ground running on day 1 of my new role
I have no idea.
Would you recommend JumpStart to a friend?
Not at all likely to recommend
Likely to recommend
Why? (Please help us understand your answer above)
Your answer
If we could only KEEP one part of the program, what should we keep?
Your answer
If we could only CUT one part of the program, what should we cut?
Your answer
Please share any other feedback or suggestions here.
Your answer
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