This spring, the presence of the Corona Virus in our area resulted in Limestone County Schools having to alter the way that instruction was delivered to students. With limited preparation time, every effort was made to meet the needs of all LCS students as best as possible. As the school year ends and the possibility of the Corona Virus affecting next school year, Limestone County Schools would like feedback on the online/virtual learning experience. Please complete this form ONCE FOR EACH LIMESTONE COUNTY STUDENT in your home. Limestone County Schools appreciates your patience over the past several weeks and your feedback.
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With which school are you associated? *
What is the grade level? (If you are a parent who has multiple children enrolled in Limestone County Schools, please complete one survey for each child). *
Which type of assignments was worked on? *
Was the assignment(s) completed? *
How do you feel about the AMOUNT of work that was provided? *
Too little work was provided
Too much work was provided
How do you feel about the QUALITY of the work that was provided? *
The assignments were of very low quality
The assignments were of very high quality.
Were you contacted by the teacher during the quarantine? If so, how often? *
What is your feeling about the learning experience during the quarantine? *
It was not beneficial nor was it a good use of my time
It was a challenging, enjoyable educational experience.
In August, if conditions are the same as they are currently, how would you feel about resuming face-to-face instruction with students? *
I would be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE with face-to-face instruction.
I would be VERY COMFORTABLE with face-to-face instruction.
What were some of the positive educational benefits of this learning experience?
What could be done to make this a more positive and effective learning experience?
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