Asbestos Inspection scheduler (Reports ready the next day; Same day reports available for a rush service fee)
This is the inspection scheduler for Seattle Asbestos Test. We have three labs in the Greater Seattle area, Lynnwood, Bellevue and U-District. Please call 425.673.9850, 206.633.1111, or 425.861.1111 or email for assistance.
1. Client first and last name *
As you would like it to appear on the report
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2. Telephone Number *
You can put multiple numbers here, and make sure our inspectors can reach you if they have questions onsite.
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3. Email address
We will send your report as PDF attachment to an email
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4. Company name (If any)
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5. Inspection site address *
It must be accurate. It will appear on your report. Make sure to differentiate Street, Avenue etc, and make sure it is complete including the city, state and the ZIP
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6. Reason inspection is needed *
7. Cost of inspection. Click on the link below to perform a fee calculation in a new window, and then come back to this window to enter the dollar amount derived. *
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8. Date and time of inspection. Click on link below to view inspector's availability in new window, and come back to submit the date and time you desire for your inspection (in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm format) (Check availability listed on link first) *
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9. Credit card type
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover, are accepted. If you don't want to enter it here, our accounting well call you when samples are received in our lab.
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10. Card number
IMPORTANT: start with a # sign, and then type your card number continuously with no space or hyphens between the numbers.
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11. Card expiration date in mm/yyyy format (Month/Year)
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12. Our AHERA Certification
Click on link to view our certification:
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13. Accepting agreement and confirm inspection appointment (Please check the "Yes" button to confirm the inspection) *
Agreements: (1) Cancelation fee notice: by submitting this form, I understand I will be charged of a non refundable $150 fee if I can't commit to the scheduling. (2) The locations and types of materials for the samples to be taken are decided by the homeowner or his or her representative in the case of a selective sampling or air monitoring for the purpose of remodeling or renovation or air quality check, and decided by the inspector as appropriate according to the current inspection regulations for a demolition project. Whether or not a destructive sampling is required will be the discretion of the inspector taken into consideration of the nature of the project and the inclination of the owner or its representative. Seattle Asbestos Test will not restore the property to pre-sampling conditions if destruct samplings are conducted, and Seattle Asbestos Test are not responsible for any personal or material damages or losses, explicit or implicit, to residents, the property or its contents, that may arise during or after the sampling processes. I agree to hold Seattle Asbestos Test and its inspectors harmless for any possible damage or loss as stated above. I understand that the actual number of samples are determined by the inspector as needed and may be different from what I was quoted, and I agree to pay by the actual number of samples taken. Seattle Asbestos Test reserves the right to refuse services to anyone. I attest that I have read the above thoroughly.
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