The perception of the Nature Reserve of Saint-Barthélemy
The Territorial Environment Agency is conducting a survey to better understand your perception of the Saint-Barthélemy Nature Reserve.

This questionnaire lasts approximately 5 minutes and is anonymous. For each question, only one answer is expected (unless specified). It is important to answer all the questions individually.

For any questions or comments, you can contact us:
05 90 27 88 18
The perception of the Reserve and its legislation
How would you define the Reserve?
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Do you know which species are protected in St-Barthélemy?
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What do you think of the geographical delimitation of the Reserve? *
Do you think it would be relevant to expand the Reserve towards the southern part of the island ? (Leeward of Coco Island)
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What do you think of an extension of the Reserve in land area?
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According to you, the protection of the Reserve is? *
What do you think of the Reserve's legislation? *
Do you think that regulations on off-reserve marine resources are necessary? (minimum catch sizes, fishing period for certain species in gestation)
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The perception of fishing and its authorization in the Reserve
In your opinion, would it be relevant to ban angling (from shore, trolling and bottom) in all areas of the Reserve? (Knowing that these practices can generate waste behind them, such as nylons and sinkers stuck in the coral)
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What about fishing West India Top Snail for professionals in all areas of the Reserve?
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In your opinion, the authorization for professional fishing in the Reserve is? *
Do you think it would be relevant to regulate access to yachts in Colombier Bay?
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Does the presence of a mega yacht in a Nature Reserve seem consistent with the objectives of a reserve?
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In your opinion, in the Bay of Grand-Cul-de-Sac, would it be appropriate to prohibit all anchoring?
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Do you think kitesurfing is a nuisance in the Bay of Grand-Cul-de-Sac ? (Collisions with sea turtles have been observed) *
In your opinion, is the limit of 5 knots in the Reserve justified? *
Perception of the access to information concerning the Reserve
Do you think you have easy access to information from the Reserve? *
To the Reserve reports? *
To the scientific studies of the Reserve? *
Do you think that the Reserve has enough financial resources? *
How did you hear about the Reserve? *
Would you like to receive the newsletter in order to be informed of the actions undertaken by the Reserve? *
If so, please provide your email address :
Do you think it would be relevant to distribute the map of the Reserve more widely? *
Perception of the effects of the Reserve
In your opinion, what is the effect of the Reserve on the ecosystem?
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How long do you think the Reserve has been in existence?
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After how many years have you seen the effect of the Marine Reserve?
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For you, is the Reserve a tourist asset? *
Personal data
Your age ? *
You are ? *
Your job ? *
Do you have a fishing license?
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If so, are you?
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Are you registered on the electoral rolls of St-Barthélemy? *
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