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Thank you for taking the time to share information about your company and capabilities specific to the Digital Shopper Marketing Ecosystem. For any questions about filling out this form. please contact Michael La Kier at 678-799-6128. Please upload any supporting documents at the end of this survey.
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Please also share any biographical info plus a brief description or overview of company/capability and value proposition.
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Name of the person completing this form.
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Phone Number of the person completing this form.
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Includes company business tenure, where headquarter location, ownership, key leadership, subsidiaries, etc)
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A feature is something that your product has or is. Product features have to be planned, built, and executed. We are looking for factual statements about the product or service offered (what it can do) vs benefits (what it does for me). This may include points of parity to industry competitors (if so, include competition).
Audience and Reach *
We'd like to understand more about your company and product and how it connects with shoppers. Please share information on reach (total and effective), engagement, shopper segmentation and targeting (ex, based on purchase behaviors, life-stages, lifestyles, potential value, etc.)
Channels/Categories *
Please indicate what channels, retailers and categories your product/solution covers and which work best.
Points of Differentation *
Attributes or benefits strongly associated with your company vs others (ie what it does for me). Ideally, something that could not be found (or found to the same extent) with a competing vendor. This includes the areas where vendors declare superiority or exclusiveness over other products in the category – but these must be proven vs simply claimed.
Key Objectives
Please rate how well your service can be used for these marketing objectives. Think about the ways your best customers use your service. We know every service is not strong for each objective, that is OK. We want to know where you are really strong. We want to set you up for success!
Best In Class
Very Effective
May Be Effective
Not What Our Solutions Was Designed To Do
Not Applicable
New Product Launch
Brand Equity/Promotion
Seasonal Event/Campaign
Switcher Campaign
Regimen/Solution Based Program
Impulse/New Occasion
Costs *
Include as much detail as possible, including how programs are priced and executed and any incremental costs required (data from 3rd Parties, integration, set up, reporting, etc). Please include if there are minimum spend requirements.
Return on Investment *
Please let us know how to think about a return on investment from using your product or service. We'd like to know how you measure and what type of results clients can expect.
Additional Information
Please use this section to include any information you wish to share with us not captured in the above.
Capabilities Presentation and Other Files
Please use this section to include your standard capabilities presentation as well as any files you wish to share with.
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