Mountain View Employer Tax Survey
Mountain View businesses and residents have been able to thrive because of the smart, long-term investments in public services, facilities and a well-maintained infrastructure. The City is currently evaluating options for funding future needs, including critical transportation projects. One option under consideration is a restructuring of the business license tax for 2018 November ballot.
82% of business in Mountain View have less than ten (10) employees and 96% have fewer than fifty (50). Less than a dozen (12) have more than 1000 employees
The results of this survey and other information will be considered as the City Council develops priorities and strategies for long-term community investment. These priorities will be based on broad input, including the City Council's Goals, community and stakeholder feedback, surveys and other public input. The Council is expected to take action on possible revenue measures on June 5th. Outreach meetings with the business community are scheduled for May 10th @ 8am and 14th at Noon, both taking place in the Plaza Conference Room, 2nd floor at Mountain View City Hall 500 Castro Street
Most businesses in Mountain View pay a basic business license fee of $30/year. This fee structure has not been updated since 1985 and the rate has not changed since 1954. Adjusted for inflation the rate would be $265 today.
The City and Chamber welcome your input on the topic of restructuring the Business License (BL) and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Do you support a restructured business tax based on employee count?
What do you feel is a fair and reasonable tax-rate per employee?
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Should the tax for small businesses be a flat fee (vs per employee)?
At what size business should the flat fee become a rate per employee?
Would you want to know what the City plans on using the new revenue for before supporting a new tax? *
Should the employer tax revenue go to the general fund (allocated through the annual budget process)? *
Should the employer tax revenue go exclusively to specific uses (such as transportation or housing)?
What are your priorities for the use of Business License Funds?
Are you OK with the larger employers paying more per employee than small business?
Most cities have an annual cap on their business license fees. Do you think Mountain View should have a cap? *
If some larger employers decided to relocate to another city, would this have an impact on your business?
Would the tax rate impact your location decisions? *
How many employees do you have in Mountain View? *
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