RRVWP i3 C3WP Advanced Institute: NWP College, Career, and Community Writers Program
The Red River Valley Writing Project is seeking Teacher Consultants for an Advanced Institute in the C3WP (College, Career, and Community Writers Program). The Institute will launch August 8-10 in Fargo and continue through the 2017-18 academic year with virtual and in-person meetings. There will also be a launch on August 11th for Turtle Mountain Community College instructors.

C3WP is a researched and effective way of teaching source-based argument writing. Students who have experienced C3WP out-performed other students in writing. Teachers have also highly enjoyed this professional development and have found it to be rewarding.

Applicants must commit to teaching four cycles of argument writing in the 2017-18 academic year and participating in two rounds of formative assessment in which they use National Writing Project tools to analyze student writing. Cycles of writing can be comprised of brief routine argument writing and mini units as well as extended researched arguments. RRVWP teacher leaders support participants in planning that fits each teacher's context.

Participants who successfully complete the program qualify for a $750 stipend, payable at the end of the academic year and 3 graduate credits.

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