AMC Registration
68th Annual American Mathematics Competition (AMC)
February 15th 2018
Information and Registration
AMC 10 – At the Geometry Honors level or higher; 9th or 10th grade (and not older than 17.5 yrs on 2/15)
AMC 12 – At the PreCalculus Honors level or higher; 11th or 12th grade (and not older than 19.5 yrs)

Both have 25 multiple choice questions
Time is 75 minutes
Problems range from fairly easy to extremely difficult
Approximately 12 questions are common to both contests
AMC covers high school mathematics, excluding calculus
No calculators
Will be administered during A period in the cafeteria of PHSE

Sample Questions
Please use the links below for sample questions and solutions.

Complete the bottom half of this form by February 5, 2018.
Report to the East cafeteria at the start of the day on Thursday, February 15th. An email will be sent out to inform your teachers that you will be missing class but you should let them know ahead of time to let them know that you will be taking the AMC test.

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Garretson in Room 114 at East.

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