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The OUT Foundation is dedicated to creating spaces for LGBTQ+ current and former BYU students to fulfill their intellectual, social, and professional potential. One of those spaces is our Back to School Night, happening on September 5th, 2019 from 6:30-8 at Third Space Studios in Provo. This night is an opportunity for students to learn what resources are available, to connect with the LGBTQ+ BYU community, and to share YOUR talents! We'd like to give current and former queer students a platform to perform for each other. Whether you're a poet, a singer, a painter, a drag queen, or something else entirely, we'd love to have you!

For more info, you can find the event on Facebook:
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If you would like to display visual art, you may have the option of showing at a booth, possibly with another artist. Please select what mode of display you're most interested in:
The OUT Foundation believes that LGBTQ+ folx can live their best lives by being out, but we do not believe in outing people. As an artist, you are not required to disclose your sexual orientation and/or gender identity to those in attendance; however, the event will advertise that all the artists are LGBTQ+, and we cannot guarantee that people will not ask about your identity. Your security at this event is a priority; would you feel comfortable with the situation as described? *
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