16 October 2019: Stellar Home Language workshop | Teacher’s Guides for 8 two-week cycles | Application form
About the workshop
This workshop offers an opportunity to engage with Wordworks about the changes we have made to the Stellar Home Language materials. The workshop is for anyone familiar with the Stellar Programme and will suit those who would like to update their files, or who would like the opportunity to refresh their programme understanding.

The revised materials include:

– New content, so that the 2-week cycle includes whole class & rotation activities every day
– Integration of 15 minutes of phonological awareness and letter–sound activities into each day’s programme (in place of a separate Letters & Sounds Manual). Two new letters are introduced for each story instead of one.
– More listening activities and additional shared writing and reading activities
– A brand-new Teacher’s Guide for parent meetings, to assist teachers to reach out to families as partners in early learning
– Revised activities
– Improved translations.

The training will be conducted in English but the materials are also available in Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

These workshops are not donor funded and so we need to charge as follows:
– For those who have a Stellar file and only require the update pack, the cost per participant for the workshop, including the Stellar update pack and tea at the workshop = R550
– For those who do NOT have a Stellar file, the cost per participant for the workshop, including the complete Stellar teacher's box and tea at the workshop = R850.

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Wordworks will send you an invoice together with our banking details as soon as possible after receiving your application
Please send your proof of payment to tahirih@wordworks.org.za

Once proof of payment has been received, you will be notified that your place at the workshop has been secured. Please use the contact person's name as the reference.

Wordworks reserves the right to cancel the workshop up to two weeks before the date of the workshop. In this case all payments will be reimbursed.

Venue for all WordWorkshops: Novalis Ubuntu Institute, Rosmead Ave, Wynberg, Cape Town (see our website for directions)
WordWorkshop times: Wednesday afternoons, 2.30 – 5.30
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