2023 Spring Conference Speaker Nomination
Thanks for your interest in the 2023 Spring Conference!

This form is a nomination and interest form through which community members can indicate interest in speaking at the 2023 OGS Spring Conference OR suggest someone to teach. THIS FORM IS NOT A GUARANTEE THAT YOU (OR THE NOMINATED PERSON) WILL BE SPEAKING AT THE CONFERENCE. We will reach out to you to request more information if we would like to have you teach. By filling out this form, you are agreeing to allow us to contact you about the Spring Conference speaking opportunity.

Please do not take it personally if we do not select your presentation or nominee this year - we are always trying to cycle through new topics and have a complex recruitment process, and we will keep your nominations around for future years if not this one. We appreciate your interest in participating in the Spring Conference, and hope you will be a part of it in some way or another!
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If the speaker you are suggesting is not you, do you know them personally, have their contact info and/or would you be willing to connect us?
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Does your proposed class(es) fit into any of the following themes? If this is not your class, which of the following tracks do you think your nominated speaker would like to teach in? Please select all that apply. *
Class Title/Topic: *
This will not be final, but give us a short idea of what you'd like to teach on or what the speaker you are nominating teaches on. Please feel free to include multiple topics.
Class Description (please keep it brief): *
Please share a general description of what will be covered in this class, with specific learning objectives. This will not be final. If you are nominating someone else, please feel free to give a very general overview or skip this question.
Do you or the speaker you are nominating have experience teaching? *
Why do you think you or the speaker you are nominating would be a good fit for the OGS Spring Conference? *
Thanks so much for participating!
We will reach out to you with any follow-up questions.
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