Trail Blazers Overnight Camp Staff Application
Adventure awaits at Trail Blazers!

We are looking for hard working, deeply kind people to join our team this summer. At Trail Blazers you'll work exceptionally hard -- harder than you probably have anywhere else! -- and be rewarded by extreme personal growth, life-long friendships with folks from around the world, and pride in knowing that you have made a significant impact in the lives of your campers.

Be sure to check out the job descriptions for our overnight camp positions below:

PLEASE NOTE: This is the Overnight Camp Staff application. If you are interested in being considered for our Brooklyn Day Camp team, please apply here:

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(We ask this question to help assess the mix of skills that our staff team will bring to the summer. You do not need to have experience in all areas to be considered for a role at Trail Blazers!)
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Please answer the following three yes/no questions, and elaborate below if needed.
Camp dates are June 21 - August 25 for most positions. Lifeguards and leadership staff begin June 14. Our camp is located in Montague, NJ, and staff are required to live on site. Does this work for you? *
Back to basics living is a hallmark of our program: canvas teepees/tents, mosquito nets, latrine toilets, when it rains you get wet, cell phones used during time off in the staff lounge only…are you into that? *
We place enormous value on the moments we create to help campers overcome challenges, increase their ability to express themselves and manage their emotions, and learn from their mistakes. Creating this kind of community is tough! Are you up for it? *
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We'd like to get to know you better!
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This question is open-ended -- we want to get to know you! Are you currently employed or in school? What experiences have you had working with kids? Have you been to summer camp before? What unique skill or talent do you have that you think would be fun to use at camp?
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What are some of the reasons young people enjoy spending time with you? *
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Why would we be downright foolish not to hire you? *
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Think back to a time as a child when you made a mistake and got in trouble -- maybe pretty big trouble. Tell us about the adults who were involved in correcting your behavior and helping you through that situation. Looking back, what do you think they did well? What do you think you would do differently as an adult if a child in your care made a similar mistake? *
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What age group(s) are you interested in working with? *
Will you be 18 or older before June 30? *
Will you be 21 or older before June 30th? *
Are you currently certified in any of the following?
New staff applicants: How did you hear about Trail Blazers?
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Returning staff applicants: What is something that you accomplished in your last summer at camp that you are particularly proud of?
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Returning staff applicants: Tell us about a challenging situation last summer that you would approach differently this time around.
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Thank you for your application!
The next step in the hiring process is an interview, typically via Skype. We'll reach out to you soon!
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