2018 Portland Urban Beekeepers Survey
Help us make the club work better for you!
1. Thinking about this past year, 2018, on a scale of 0 to 5, how well did PUB meet your expectations for what a bee club does?
Not at all
I learned a lot, met my expectations
2. What could PUB officers do to improve your experience?
Your answer
3. What do you think are the 4 most important club benefits that PUB offers?
4. Did you attend either the Tom Seeley or Solomon Parker seminar?
5. Did you benefit and or learn something important from the seminar experience?
6. If you attended one or both seminars, tell us about your experience.
7. Do you have any ideas about who you would like us to approach for 2019 speakers?
Your answer
8. Do you think that you have a voice in how the club operates?
9. On a scale of 0 to 5, how transparent do you think that the PUB officers are in matters such as finances, or how decisions are made, such as speakers and how meetings are conducted?
Not transparent at all
I think that I understand how the club is run and why certain decisions are made
10. How often would you like a financial or treasurer report? For example, where are your membership dollars allocated, what does PUB plan to purchase for the club?
11. Do you have any requests for club items or books to be purchased?
Your answer
12. How comfortable are you with your understanding of the new Residential Beekeeping Guidelines?
Never heard of this
Completely familiar
13. Please check all that apply--Would you be interested in talks on:
14. If you had a question or concern about PUB about anything, who would you contact?
15. Would you like to reintroduce Tour-de-Hives in 2019?
16. Are you active on the PUB Facebook page?
17. Do you have any suggestions about how we could improve our Facebook page?
Your answer
Thank you for taking the time to help make PUB a great club!
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