We Love Local
Supporting local has compounding benefits to our communities and to Alaska's economy, but sometimes it's easier said than done. We want to know what is working for you and the best ways for BuyAlaska to serve Alaskans.
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Do you do most of your shopping locally (at Alaskan-owned businesses)?
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What makes it easy for you to choose local first?
If there was more information available about the benefits of shopping locally (i.e. job creation, economic growth, lower environmental impact) do you think more people would choose to buy local?
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What keeps you from shopping at Alaskan-owned stores the most?
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What is one product or service you could easily commit to buying from an Alaskan-owned business (i.e. beer, produce, clothing, business services) rather than from big box or global e-commerce retailers?
(FOR BUSINESS OWNERS & PARTNERS) In what way could BuyAlaska most help your business?
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(FOR BUSINESS OWNERS & PARTNERS) In what way do you find that customers are typically referred to you?
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How else could BuyAlaska best serve you?
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