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Your teamname will be visible to other teams and will identify you throughout the competition. Use something short like: "RobotNinjas", "Python4Eva", 'KillerRobotz"...
Teamleader E-Mail *
The teamleader is one student which will be responsible for the whole team. We will send information and announcements as well as your login information for and to this address.
Teamleader Name *
First, Last Name of the teamleader separated by a ","
Teammembers *
A list of all teammembers. If you are not sure about your teams constellation, you can write us later and add/ remove members. Please use one line per teammember like: Fist, Last Name
School Name *
Name of your school
Mentor Name *
A mentor is an adult person supporting your team. For example your teacher. Format: First, Last Name
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E-Mail address of your mentor. We will send payment information to this address (registration fee/ robot kit etc.)
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