2017 "Museum Madness" Finals - Public Voting
Dear BRVGS parents and friends,

As a conclusion to the BRVGS 9th grade 1st semester World History "virtual museum" website project, we have been conducting a "Museum Madness" contest for the sites produced by our students. The first two rounds of voting by BRVGS students have determined two finalists. We are holding BRVGS and public voting through the holidays to determine a winner, and invite you to cast your votes! Here's how it works:

Our two finalist sites are:

Fluvanna/Goochland South America: https://sites.google.com/brvgs.k12.va.us/wh-sem-1-south-america-fg/home

Orange/Madison Rome: https://sites.google.com/brvgs.k12.va.us/wh17sem1ancientromeogm/home

We invite you to review both sites and to vote on each, based on three categories:

* Appearance - does the site look good? Are images strong? Is the organization good?
* Content - Is the content clear, informative, and (to the best of your knowledge), accurate?
* Consistency - do the various pages have consistent layouts, appearance, fonts, etc?

To vote, please review both sites and score from 1(not so good) to 4 (awesome) for each category, then press the submit button at the bottom of the form. ALL voting must be completed by January 7th.

Please note that we are requesting public voters to list an email address in order to prevent massive "multiple" voting. This email will only be used to verify "one voter per email address." We request that each person vote only once per email address. BRVGS students have been sent a separate form for their "official BRVGS vote," but may also cast a "public vote" on this form, provided that they use a private (non-BRVGS) email account.

The final winner will be determined by combined total scores from both the BRVGS voting AND public voting. The classes of the winning site will receive a pizza or doughnut party (their choice). Winners will be announced on January 8th, when everyone is back in school.

Thanks for voting - may the best site win, and happy holidays to everyone!

Voting: 1( lowest) to 4 (highest)
Fluvanna/Goochland South America - APPEARANCE
Fluvanna/Goochland South America - CONTENT
Fluvanna/Goochland South America - CONSISTENCY
Orange/Madison Rome - APPEARANCE
Orange/Madison Rome - CONTENT
Orange/Madison Rome - CONSISTENCY
Please list your email address - this will only be used to verify one vote per address. No BRVGS email addresses on this form, please - BRVGS voters may use the form that was emailed to you.
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