Emory Student Application Form to Attend COP25 - ENVS 426 course credit application deadline July 31
Thank you for your interest in becoming an Emory delegate to the 25th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), taking place on December 2-13, 2019 in Santiago, Chile. For those of you that have not seen about the previous years' experience by students, you can check out the website for the COP trips: https://climatetalks.emorydomains.org/.

Upon receiving your completed application, the committee will rank each candidate based on the quality of their application. The number of badges available to the Conference is not clear until October and in the past, this has caused anxiety for candidates who have applied to attend. It is our hope that in providing a ranking, you will have a clearer sense of your chances of being selected to attend. In years past, we have usually been able to send 10-12 students as Emory observers.

This year's COP will have two separate zones (https://cop25.cl/en/conferencia.html#venue): the Blue Zone is for the official negotiation and Green Zone is for climate-related side events and such, it is our hope that twelve students (six students each week) can enroll in a 2-credit hour ENVS 426 course and attend COP 25. However, that depends on the decision by the UNFCCC and their decision about the number of badges we will be delegated. For reference, in 2015, we sent 10 students and 2 faculty (4 students had access to the official zone). In 2016, we sent 10 faculty, staff, and students, where everyone could go to the official zone. In 2017, we sent 2 faculty and 12 students (8 students with access to the official negotiation). In 2018, we sent 2 faculty and 10 students (everyone had access to the official zone).

ENVS 326 or ENVS 526 is a co- or pre-requisite for ENVS 426 and currently, ENVS 326 is full with about 20 waitlisted students. If you apply and are ranked within the top 12, you will need to be enrolled in either ENVS 326 or 526 (or have taken previously), and students cannot be considered for the field course (ENVS 426) to COP 25 without the co- or pre-requisite course. Those students who apply and are not selected to travel to Santiago this year will still be welcome to apply again in fall 2020 for the COP 26. Again, to be considered, students must have enrolled or completed ENVS 326 or ENVS 526.

Those who are selected as delegates will receive travel funding to cover trip-related expenses, including flight tickets, lodging, and some of the meals (breakfast is included in the hotel). It is the students' responsibility to discuss with fall 2019 course professors about missing class and gain permission to miss classes during those days.

The deadline for application is 11:59pm EDT July 31, 2019. All applicants will be notified of the application results for the 2-credit Santiago component (ENVS 426) by mid-August, at that time we will need to collect your information to submit as potential delegates. Signatures from all faculty in your other courses granting permission to miss classes and make up work must be submitted by the end of the fall add-drop-swap period to be eligible as potential participants to the COP 25. Based on the class performance (currently or previously), we will finalize the ranking and when the number of badges are announced in late fall, we will be able to enroll those that are eligible in ENVS 426 after you are selected to be a delegate for one of the weeks and you turn in all the necessary forms to be a part of the Emory delegation.

Those of you who wish to attend COP 25 but work directly with a faculty mentor (and not enroll in ENVS 326/ENVS 426) may apply to attend the COP meeting separately through the application that Climate@Emory may hold at a later date.

For any questions, please send an e-mail to the instructor of the class and the Director of the program, Professor Eri Saikawa (eri.saikawa@emory.edu) in ENVS.

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