Nebraska / Iowa VEX IQ Regional Championship Awards
We are currently awarding the standard awards at the Nebraska / Iowa VEX IQ Regional Championship Awards on March 3rd, 2018. To add to the experience for the students, we intend to add three more awards to the Regional Championships. We would like your input on which three awards we should add.

Please select three awards that you'd like us to add. Based on the input from all VEX IQ Coaches, we'll make an announcement on which three awards we're adding on Monday, February 5th.

Full description of the awards can be found here:

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VEX IQ Team Organization *
Which awards should we add, please select 3: *
Existing Awards
We are already going to award the following, you are helping to select three new awards to add to this list:

* Elementary School Excellence Award
* Middle School Excellence Award
* Teamwork Champion Award
* Teamwork Challenge Second Place
* Robot Skills Champion Award
* Elementary School Design Award
* Middle School Design Award
* STEM Research Project Award
* Judges Award

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