Register for Perfect the Pontiac Parks Day!
On Saturday, April 15th of 2017, the Leaders of the Future and the Friends of Pontiac Parks Association are partnering with the City of Pontiac to clean up, restore, and beautify Aaron Perry Park, Beaudette Park, Rotary Park, Cherry Lawn Park, and Murphy Park. We invite you to join us!

Find a squad of friends with whom you'd like to complete community service hours and register below. You will be assigned a park once your form is processed. All the necessary information will be sent to your email.

We hope to see you there!

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WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR PARTICIPATION IN the Perfect the Pontiac Parks Activity - I acknowledge that participation in Perfect the Pontiac Parks Day may involve risk of bodily injury, property damage or other dangers. I freely assume all such risks.In consideration of the permission to participate in such activities, including the use of facilities, equipment, grounds and/or personnel and any travel associated with the organization or activity, I agree to: 1) RELEASE, WAIVE and DISCHARGE the Leaders of the Future, its agents and employees from all liability to me, my personal representatives, assign, heirs, and next of kin, for all loss or damage and any claims or demands therefore, including attorney fees, on account of injury to myself or my property, whether caused by the negligence of Oakland University, its agents and employees, or otherwise, which I may experience or sustain arising directly or indirectly out of my aforementioned participation; and 2) INDEMNIFY, DEFEND and HOLD HARMLESS the Leaders of the Future, its agents and employees and all persons, including but not limited to participants and spectators, from any and all claims and costs arising directly or indirectly out of any of my activities, acts and/or omissions.I also acknowledge that Oakland University, its agents and employees, act only as my agents in regard to any and all travel and accommodations provided by others and assume no liability arising from travel activities, arrangements and accommodations. I HAVE CAREFULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY AND CLEARLY THE ABOVE PROVISIONS AND VOLUNTARILY SIGN THIS WAIVER AND INDEMNIFICATION FORM.
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