Nordic-Benelux tengslaráðstefna í Luxemborg, dagana 29. nóvember til 1. desember
Makerspaces - New learning environments for exploration, creativity, innovation and collaboration 

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Vinnustofan verður haldin í Luxemborg dagana 29. nóvember til 1. desember. Þemað er makerspaces og þátttakendur kennarar í starfsmenntunarskólum sem kenna greinar sem tengjast tækni, verkfræði, rafvirkjun, vélfærafræði (e. robotics), forritun, vélfræði, vísindi, stærðfræði, upplýsingatækni o.s.frv.

Hér má lesa tilkynningu frá skipuleggjendum tengslaráðstefnunnar:

Faced with a fast evolving labour market, subject to structural changes such as globalisation and rapid  technological progress, schools are challenged to teach students the skills needed to provide them with easy access to high quality and stable jobs.

The rather rigid system based on knowledge transmission and school subjects however, makes it hard for schools and teachers to develop the flexibility needed to meet these challenges.

Makerspaces make it possible for schools to adapt to a fast-changing world and render them able to cope with new trends. These creative spaces use projects to push interdisciplinary topics reaching from STEM to languages or communication skills.

More and more schools are therefore introducing such hybrid learning environments combining formal and non-formal education where learning happens very spontaneously.
Important note:
Makerspaces have almost become synonym with expensive technologies and high-tech gadgetry that not every school provides or can afford. We want to promote a more broad definition of makerspaces as dedicated areas where students make things! From this point of view, the concept of makerspaces is more an alternative approach of the learning process and environment, than a room filled with unaffordable devices.
The participants will get a general introduction on the concept of makerspaces and attend presentations on best practice approaches and practical examples of successful implementations of such environments in schools.
Makerspace activities will be presented in form of an interactive exhibition, allowing the participants to experience hands-on the benefits of learning-by-doing. They will have the opportunity to get insights from experienced makerspace heads and users, helping them to develop a makerspace project in their own school or take an existing one to the next level.

The main objective of the seminar will be to associate with colleagues from other countries to integrate the acquired knowledge in a collaborative European eTwinning project.
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