– New Music Gathering 2020 – Proposal Submission
We're so excited to hear your ideas! Deadline for submitting proposals has been extended to:
11:59pm ET on September 1st, 2019.

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2020's Gathering will meet in Portland, Oregon, June 18-20, 2020! Our collaborating partners include Third Angle New Music, Fear No Music, and Portland State University.

Our theme this year is "Local Action."

The NMG organizers often place folks on panels that we assemble based on your submissions and our finding a common interest among you. We also assemble concert programs from the different performance submissions we receive. There is no need to propose an entirely assembled program or panel discussion – space is limited and we try to bring as many voices to each concert/discussion/activity as possible. If you have a longer proposal in mind by all means let us know, but we strongly encourage you to offer the performance of a single piece of music that excites you or suggest a shorter activity/concept!


New Music Gathering is committed to diversity and broad inclusion; we aim to represent, by means of our curatorial vision, with accuracy and respect, the people that form the community we strive to serve. Please strongly consider this in your proposal.

We're afraid there is no funding for participant fees / travel / lodging / production.
***All selected participants will be given free all-Gathering passes and lots of love and coffee!***

Soundcheck time / tech setup time will be EXTREMELY LIMITED (we want to get as many people involved in the gathering as possible!) so please take this tight timing into account when you think about your proposals!

You must be free all three days, June 18th, 19th, and 20th!

If you have any questions / concerns / outlandish comments, contact us at: newmusicgathering@gmail.com
(***PLEASE don't use the personal emails of the organizers! It just gets so confusing!***)

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Can be short! Something like "How can my tuba choir help the brass program at our local public school system?" or "How can my concert series platform help register people to vote?" or "How might a new site-specific or structured improvisational system bring new agency to my colleague-performers?" or ANYTHING ELSE that this theme implies to you!
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