Dinosaur Osteology Art Course Registration
Are you fascinated by skeletons, dinosaurs, and the remains of long-dead species? Then this is the art class for you!! "Dinosaur Osteology Art," DOA, (fittingly, also short for "Dead on Arrival"), offers an intimate experience for artists of any level to learn new techniques and refine skills with Paleontologist and Paleoartist Jason C. Poole.

From popular culture to scientific journals, fully fleshed-out dinosaur reconstructions have long inspired the imaginations of artists, scientists, and enthusiasts. Artistic reconstructions play an integral role in paleontology by constantly pushing the boundaries of what scientists know about the visual dinosaur. This class will explore the basis of all our dinosaur understanding: the skeletons themselves.

The sculptural shapes of dinosaur fossil bones, like the bones of all vertebrate animals, hold many clues to understanding what these long-extinct animals looked like (form) and what they did (function). In these classes, you will learn how to identify and draw the bones of Allosaurus, and by doing so, begin to unlock the complex and fascinating relationships between form and function.​

To sign up for the second session of the course (focusing on Allosaurus), please complete the Registration Form by Sunday, January 3rd. You will receive an email confirmation, as well as a link to make a payment via PayPal or Venmo. We look forward to seeing you!
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