2024 Precinct Annual Meeting RSVP Form

Hello and welcome! Thank you for all you do to help WCDP organize in our communities. 
We know that being successful in every election cycle starts with building active, organized precincts, so we're glad you're here!

To view meeting times and details, please refer to the 2024 PAM Schedule. This schedule is live and updated as needed.

If you do not see your precinct on the schedule, please still complete this form if you'd like to be involved with your precinct. If your precinct is unorganized, you will see an option to help organize your precinct.

Please note that all PAM attendees must be registered Democrats in Wake County.
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Only voters registered as Democrats in Wake County can attend our Precinct Annual Meetings. 

Please confirm you are a registered Wake County Democrat. If you're unsure, you can check your Voter Registration.
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If you're unsure which precinct you live in, you may look it up on your voter registration by clicking here.
If you need to update your voter registration information, you may review how to do so here. 
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