Post-Season Athletics Survey
This is a parent/player feedback survey. The intent of ASCS Athletics is to leverage the data from the survey as inputs to future program improvement for the students and their respective sports team(s). The survey results are anonymous, unless the respondent opts to provide their name.
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ASCS is primarily concerned with feedback on Catholic Grade School Athletic Association (CGSAA) teams. However, feedback regarding any ASCS sports team, which hold its practices in/on ASCS facilities is appropriate.
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3. What are you unhappy about? (Optional)
4. If you selected one or more items for question 3, how could your satisfaction be improved (please address each item selected)?
Perception of problems and conflicting points of view are not at all bad, as we should always be striving for improvement in every team endeavor. There is a responsibility though that comes with identifying a problem or stating dissatisfaction. The dissatisfied party must offer at least one possible solution or a positive suggestion on how to resolve the item(s) identified.
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5. Is there any other feedback related to this ASCS team or the sport and not covered above? (Optional)
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