Please, only register for the Mentor Course if you will commit to the entire program. Please read everything in this form as Entry Considerations.

Locations: Sydney AU, Gainesville, FL USA, Prague CZ, Hamburg DE, Norwich UK
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The threshold to determine if the Mentor Course is right for you include the following:

1) You have taken the Initiatory course, read Stillness, and the content on the web site, and, you feel that this work inwardly excites you for unexplained reasons, or, perhaps, it feels mysteriously familiar, or, it resonates bodily, deep in your heart.

2) It is important you know that by joining the mentor course you are agreeing to learn Biodynamics as we teach it — through Stillness and via nondoing. Therefore, you must possess a sincere willingness to engage in the work and develop a capacity to let go of your other expectations/forms/means/visions/symbols that you have used in the past to navigate you during your sessions. Being unwilling to work in the way — in neutral (non-doing) through stillness — you not only miss the biodynamic transmission as we teach it, but you also isolate yourself from the group field, which can be a very painful experience for all. Receptivity to the transmission is the most important aspect of ‘getting’ this work.

3) Come with an open mind and heart. Have no assumptions about what biodynamic work is — have no fixed position in your mind regarding ideas, thoughts, beliefs, past experiences and trainings, and how you presently work, regardless of how valuable it has been for you.

Assume no position either for or against what is presented — no aversion to, or grasping at the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that are presented regarding this type of touch. Listen with your whole body, globally, experience the Breath of Life for yourself and allow yourself to be informed by it directly.

The challenge is to rest within an open heart-field, relaxed within freed attention, and whole body awareness to what is present.

Be willing to see how your thinking based in the past and future creates stories, and how believing those stories as truth, creates the misperceptions that increase suffering from moment to moment: through the separation created by thinking mind we create and recreate suffering in this way.

What I am asking for, as an approach to this work, is that you maintain a position-less “position” of not-knowing, an innocence that leads you to a domain in which you exist as that which is prior to self-knowing, prior to all limitations of the thinking body-mind, its stories, and beliefs. In other words, a moment-to-moment investigation with innocence into what arises in the now. Surrender to the now without hesitation. Simply stop, be still, and effortlessly rest in the core of your being — in Stillness As Love.

I am entering into a Mentor Course agreement with Giorgia Milne. I am committed to the course in its entirety, which means I am responsible for full payment. By typing my initials with today's date below, I affirm that I have read, understood, and agree to all MC Entry Considerations. Type the location where you intend to take your MC. If sufficient numbers of people commit to the Mentor Course in the location you have selected, you will receive notice that this MC has been confirmed. At that point you will receive further directions regarding how to make a payment.
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The $4,000.00 USD total MC fee covers all training segments, group interim meetings, individual mentoring sessions, and one feedback session exchange. Note: there will be a fee increase for NEW Mentor Courses beginning in 2021.

I realize that my own personal engagement with the work, dedication to the practices, and self-study between each segment is a necessary and integral part of my development.

I am informed, understand, and agree to the above conditions of ‘no refunds’ after registration and course confirmation due to the commitment and responsibility to such a unique group field. I promise to pay the full fee, even if I withdraw for personal reasons.

If for any reason I am asked to discontinue, I will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

By typing my initials with today's date below, I agree to these stated terms of payment and responsibilities.
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I agree to pay the MC total cost in one of the following ways:

1) I will pay the entire course fee in one amount of $4,000.00 USD at time of registration.

2) I will pay $600.00 USD deposit at the time of registration followed by 4 installments in the amount of $850.00 USD, completing full payment by the start of week #3. Payment in full by this time assures Giorgia the means with which to make travel plans to teach the MC.

3) I will pay $600 USD deposit at the time of registration, and would like to request an alternate payment plan.

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