Marcus HS Parking Application 2019-2020
All vehicles parked on school property, at a school function, or within statutory boundaries designed as being under control of the school are subject to school policies and regulations which include the right to search for prohibited and/or dangerous substances, weapons, or anything that presents a clear and present danger to the safety and welfare of the students and staff. Your car must be in a painted parking space - you may not park in unmarked areas. For additional information concerning parking and regulations see the student handbook available online, or see Mr. Smith in A-206

NO PARKING areas for students include:
1. Any area posted with a NO PARKING sign.
2. The circular drive in front of MHS and MHS 9.
3. Faculty parking lot or marked faculty spaces.
4. Driveways, sidewalks, medians, or grassy areas.
5. Designated Fire Lanes and Bus Lanes.
6. Private property directly across from or on any side of the building.
7. Along any curb which might restrict the flow of traffic.
8. The driveway between the field house and main campus buildings.
9. At the end of any row of legally parked cars.
10. Handicapped parking (without proper permit).
11. Senior reserved parking spaces.
12. Anywhere there are painted "hash lines" that indicate it is a no parking zone.

Student parking on campus is a revocable privilege. Violations which may lead to a loss of parking privilege include but are not limited to:

1. Speeds over 10 mph, reckless driving, and/or spinning tires.
2. Disrespectful behavior towards security officers or faculty.
3. Transferring, selling, or altering a parking sticker.
4. Leaving campus without authorization.
5. You may not share your parking spot - it must be your car parked in your parking space.
6. If someone parks in your space you may not park in another senior parking space.
7. If you get a new car, or drive a different car see Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jenuwine in A-206
8. Other parking/driving activity determined by an administrator as detrimental to
school rules or procedures.
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By submitting this application, I verify all submitted information to be true and correct. Furthermore, I have read, understand and agree to abide by all parking rules as published on the Marcus Webpage and in the MHS Student Handbook available online. Submitting false information or failure to follow procedures can be cause for removal of driving privileges. *Parking stickers are $5 per vehicle. Each vehicle must be registered on a seprate form. *
Once you submit your form, email a copy of your driver's license and proof of insurance to:
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