Bury Mutual Aid Group - Local Co-ordinator Sign-up Form
This form if for those living in and around the Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester who wish to help the Bury Mutual Aid Group support and aid those in our community during the current COVID-19 crisis, by becoming Local Co-ordinators.

If you wish to join as a Community Volunteer and not a co-ordinator, please use the form here:

The Mutual Aid Group is currently co-ordinated through our Facebook group which can be found here:
If you haven't already, please join here for all the up-to-date information on our activities.

These details are provided for Bury Mutual Aid Group to co-ordinate its volunteers and the data provided will not be given externally nor used for any other purpose than that of managing volunteers within the group, without your express permission.

To Contact Bury Mutual Aid Group, please email Info@BuryMAG.org
Local Co-ordinators
Local Co-ordinators are special volunteers within the Bury Mutual Aid Group who will look after their local area. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the crisis, their role may evolve over time, but you will be informed promptly of any changes to the organisation.

Your role will consist of:

- Staying in touch with your Area Co-ordinator and the Central office, providing information about who you are supporting, what work is being done on your area, what support you may need, and receive information on latest guidelines.

- Work with other Local Co-ordinators in your area to manage your workload and help eachother.

- Manage and support a team of local volunteers to perform support services on your area, and distribute work amongst you and your team to best support those in your community.

- Receive referrals from Central about people in your area who may need assistance, and contact them to get further details.

- Liaise with Central about extra support you and your team may need, and anyone on your area who requires services which you cannot provide within your locality.

- Promote the Bury Mutual Aid Group locally, and inform residents of our services, including putting up posters and leafletting.

- Manage and distribute supplies such as gloves and hand sanitizer to your team, and ensure your team follow policy in their use.

- Follow policies and procedures which will be provided to you promptly by Central.

Multiple Local Co-ordinators may be assigned to each neighbourhood to allow them to support eachother and provide better coverage. Central and your Area Co-ordinator will do their very best to support you as much as they can, so do please stay in touch with them.
What is your name? *
What is your telephone number? *
This is how Co-ordinators and volunteers will keep in contact unless you ask otherwise.
What is your e-mail address? *
This is how we'll provide latest documents and guidelines to you.
What is your address? *
This is how we'll assign you a neighbourhood, based on where you live, so you can look after those in your neighbourhood.
Which Area do you wish to become a Local Co-ordinator in? *
This should be the area you live in, based upon your Postcode.
Do you agree to read and abide by Bury Mutual Aid Group policies and guidelines? *
A copy of all current polices can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_5lPdGk0I3xp8Ov3t_wxgqIGdmk7jvw5
Do you agree for your information provided to be used by Bury Mutual Aid Group for their normal operations? *
Your name and telephone number will be given to your area co-ordinator, and local co-ordinators and volunteers on your neighbourhood. Your address will not be given out to anyone outside the Central Co-ordination Team without your express permission. None of your data will be given outside of Bury Mutual Aid Group without your express permission.
Thankyou for signing up!
A Central or Area Co-ordinator will be in touch soon to give you your area and start working with you to keep our local residents safe.
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