Liberty-Eylau Elementary Targeted Improvement Plan Feedback Survey
Parent, staff and community members are encouraged to share concerns and areas that need improvement, as well as offer possible solutions or ideas for campus improvement. All stakeholder input will be considered in the continued development of Liberty-Eylau Elementary's Targeted Improvement Plan. We invite you to participate in this process by providing your input in this survey.
Describe your RELATIONSHIP with the campus. *
Please rank your satisfaction with the Targeted Improvement Plan. *
How well does the current Targeted Improvement Plan address the needs of the students? *
What, if anything, should be REMOVED from the current plan?
What, if anything, should be ADDED to the current plan?
What, if any, are your RECOMMENDATIONS TO IMPROVE student achievement?
How can teachers better assist students in meeting their educational needs?
What opportunities have you had to discuss your child's academic performance/progress towards meeting individual goals with your child's teacher? *
How can the district/campus leadership encourage parental and/or community engagement in order to have a positive impact on student performance?
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