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Positive is a movement of changemaker businesses making a Net-Positive impact. We combine the strengths of a purpose-driven community sharing tools and insights, alongside a pioneering Michelin 5-star framework that is a symbol for the very highest standards in business. Our uniqueness comes from our focus on systemic change and our vision of a Regenerative economy.

Positive offers memberships to cheerleading companies, movements, universities and other organisations that share our commitment to transforming our economy. By becoming an ally, you align your organisation with the Positive community’s values and messaging so that we can combine our resources to grow our impact together in the spirit of radical collaboration. Allies may wish to collaborate across a shared vision for change around a key pillar for change i.e. Net Zero by 2030, or the delivery of a Circular Economy, or align fully with our global vision for a Regenerative economy.
As an Ally, you commit to contribute to the promotion and development of the shared goals of our community and its mission of systemic change with knowledge, resources, and opportunities.

Apply to become a Positive Ally and join the vibrant community of Positive changemakers.

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