Wedding from Hell - January 20, 2018
You’ve been to weddings where something goes wrong? Well in this one, everything goes wrong (wait til you see the cake!) Bruce and Tina face it all. The groom’s snobbish, aristocratic mother, Sylvia, registers her disapproval of the nuptials by wearing black and attempting to dissuade him from the marriage even as the Bridal March begins. The judge hired to perform the ceremony is drunk and the fun goes on and on culminating in a stranger who shows up just in time to die!

You are invited to the wedding of Bruce and Tina! Dress in your tackiest wedding attire and join us for a fun filled Saturday night wedding reception and a night of mystery and clues throughout the hotel! A mid morning Sunday brunch will reveal the misguided 'who-dun-it'!

Written by Eileen Moushey and performed by a professional troupe, this mystery is hilarious! Be prepared for a raucous good time to shake off that cabin fever!

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